Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze Bakireke while appearing on WBS TV. The station has been closed today.

WBS TV has ceased operating effective today, according to a statement signed by Kabiito Karamagi, the Receiver/Manager appointed by Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) to help recover a debt of Shs 7.2 billion owed to the tax body.

The station has been on air for 19 years and fans remember it for some of its popular programmes like; Jam Agenda, Face Off, Sport On, Omubala and Issues At Hand among others.
So, while remembering the station, viewers have taken to social media to react to the closure and among those to speak out is Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze.
MP Bakireke Nambooze: Many businesses are closing down. Only that they are small and unknown….people will soon close down their homes because of loans. I know of many people selling off their properties. The economy of the country is doing stupid. We shall miss WBS. It brought the TV revolution and broke the UBC monopoly. Brother Wavah you shall always be remembered for now let’s just watch and see where this will leave us all.
Nnalongo Rose Bukirwa: I am proud to have been one of the pioneer staff of WBS, the experience I earned from there is unforgettable. On air since 1999.
Lynn Najjemba: We need to candidly discuss some of the issues that could have caused its downfall. How can a TV station ‘where quality matters’ just close like that. So, what will happen to others “Where Quality Does not Matter”!?
Fred Bbaale: It’s shortsighted for URA to hound businesses to closure. Its agreed that they cheated taxes; but hiw about the indirect taxes they were paying through consuming services, payroll taxes etc? The chaps at URA should strategically rather than trying to achieve those short term targets. Closing businesses is not strategic.
Allan Ssekamatte: Sad. I served there for 15 years.


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