Fifi Da Queen.

There is a bitter exchange ongoing between Bukedde TV and Star FM employees.

The verbal exchange, which is between Bukedde TV presenter, Fifi Da Queen and Omulongo Babirye of Star FM was sparked off by one of the former’s show.

Omulongo accuses Fifi of using her show to attack her.

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“To the self-proclaimed, urban excited manya Fifi the queen of Bukedde TV… Saying that Mulongo Babirye is bufumbo bwalema (failed marriage), I doubt your sanity…Do the allegations of men cheating still make news?” she reacted on social media.

She further alleges that Fifi is the dumbest person she has ever met.“Mary Luswata was my best wolokoso factory around town… Reason being she had brains that could do some small editing.  It is idiotic, stupid and barbaric to say a footballer tamanyi kapiira if you are a fellow baller more so playing the same number. Nasoma naawe (I studied with you) at campus and your head was as empty as your faco boosted behind….am surprised that even after two years from school okyaali kasilusilu (you still haven’t learnt a thing)…”

“Fifi you took months to confirm the father of your kid…from Abytex….Bafana…Natty Nathan to mention but a few… At campus you were ready to sleep with anyone who cared to get marks…Mulongo feeds around Azillion people but you cannot even kuliisa nebiyenje ebili ewuwo… (You can’t feed cockroache.”

Omulongo agrees Fifi is doing her job but “you got a retake in editing gezaako.”In response, through the same forum, Fifi wrote, “I am Fifi Da Queen, like it or not my dear, #Kanayokya ani we fear no small minds #tubakubya nduulu. Write about me get likes and comments. It’s all you can do. Me I fear nobody. Nkolera Kampala si mukyaalo (I work from town not from the village).


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