As the year comes to an end, many an employee especially those working for big corporate companies are always looking forward to an ‘end of year party’.

And so were NTV employees. Unfortunately, their bosses hadn’t planned one for them this year, the first time such is happening at the Serena based TV station.

We are reliably informed that in protest, the employees mobilized funds amongst themselves and it was not until yesterday that a reasonable sum of money had been raised. A source told The EagleOnline that the only person from management to have contributed towards the party was Maurice Mugisha.

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And finally the ‘protest party’ was held on Wednesday at Serena Hotel amidst murmurs from the disappointed staff.

The source also said that contrary to the norm when workers used to get bonuses at the end of year, no one has ever received such since NTV Uganda’s MD Aggie Konde assumed office four years ago.

Nevertheless, this disappointment didn’t dampen their party spirit and many who attended have described the party as ‘fun’.