The GO-Forward candidate being handled a shield and spear in Gulu during 2016 general elections.

Former Presidential Candidate Amama Mbabazi has described 2016 as a difficult year but says he hopes 2017 brings peace.

Mr. Mbabazi who is known for his cool headedness twitted on his official twitter handle “2016 was a difficult year. I wish for 2017 to bring peace and serenity to our country and to the world. Happy New Year.”

Mbabazi started the 2016 on a higher note as he unleashed his intentions to contest for the highest office in the land which he did but midway, he faced upheavals when security led by police blocked him and supporters from the initial launch which he had planned in Mbale. On the same day, he was arrested and taken to Kira Road police station with his daughter where they were kept until dark and released without any charge.

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The arrest perhaps the one of its kind in over four decades made many to believe that indeed Mbabazi who had been part of the inner dealings of the ruling party and government had finally fallen-out with his comrade Yoweri Museveni.

However, like it is known to many, Mr.Mbabazi remains reclusive as nobody knows his 2017 plan. He remains a key player in the Ugandan politics and no person should make a mistake of dismissing him based on the 2016 presidential results.


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