CASH BONANZA DEBATE: FDC Deputy Spokesperson Harold Kaija

The Working Committee of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) is to meet tomorrow to among other issues discuss the sharing out of Shs6 billion among public officers.

Addressing the press today at party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, the FDC Deputy spokesperson Harold Kaija said the money, now dubbed ‘cash bonanza or presidential handshake’ from the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) coffers should have been used to help needy Ugandans like those faced with hunger. He also lamented that the 42 public officers were fully-facilitated to perform their duties when they defended Uganda in a US$434 million Capital Gains Tax case involving, at different times, two oil companies, Heritage Oil and Gas and Tullow.

“If they were to get a bonus, then it would have been in the form of a ‘Thirteenth Month’,” Mr Kaija noted. According to Kaija, the resolutions of tomorrow’s meeting will be tabled on the floor of Parliament.

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Asked about the FDC intentions since the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has already summoned the individuals involved, Kaija said: “The speaker of Parliament in her capacity does not present her issues in Parliament and let us all be patient and wait for what FDC will prepare after tomorrow’s meeting.”

Meanwhile, Mr Kaija has said that the National Resistance Movement (NRM) was reaching out to his party, asking for dialogue.

“Dr Besigye did not ask for dialogue with Mr. Museveni but rather it is them {NRM] who usually send different people asking us [FDC ] to dialogue with them but when we give them our conditions they never return and instead send a new person,” Kaija said.


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