FORGIVEN: Dizzy Nuts has returned to Gagamel Crew after his boss Bebe Cool forgave him

Bebe Cool, real names Moses Ssali, has finally forgiven former Gagamel member Dizzy Nuts and returned him to the crew, with a strong warning to the latter to quit ‘weed’.

Dizzy Nuts was once one of the biggest musicians from Gagamel following his hit ‘Fire Burn Dem’ with boss Bebe Cool but quit around 2007. However, he has been struggling make a hit since then, but now Bebe Cool has come in to his rescue, albeit with conditions.

“I believe he has now learnt a lesson…. You know sometimes people think things are that easy. It’s only after giving it a try that you get to know that they are not as easy as you thought,” Bebe Cool said during his performance at Pool Nest bar in Kireka where Gagamel band was performing.

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Bebe Cool added: “Well, I forgave him and the good thing he still has his voice. My only advice to him was to quit weed. As long as he quits weed, I’ll have no problem with him.”