REJECTS POLICE SUMMONS? Ms Edith Byanyima. Photo credit, Chimpreports.
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Police has summoned Edith Byanyima, sister to Oxfam International boss Winnie Byanyima over her sectarian comments.

Ms Byanyima is alleged to have made the comments in an interview which ran on Chimreports last week. Byanyima is alleged to have made the allegations on the Acholi tribe.

Ms Byanyima, an aunt to Matthew Kanyamunyu, the prime suspect in the murder of child rights activist Kenneth Akena Watmon
Acting Deputy Director Special Investigations Division in Kireka, Mr Henry Mugumya in his summons indicates that investigating a case of promoting sectarianism and incitement to violence. Ms Byanyima is required to appear in Kireka on Monday January 23, 2017.

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“Pursuant to Section 27A of the police Act, you are required to report to the Special Investigations Division Kireka on Monday, January 23, 2017 at 1000hrs, to assist in providing valuable information in respect to the matter being investigated. You will report to the AG. Deputy Director for further guidance,” read part of the letter dated January 19.
The relatives of Akena tasked the Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura, to investigate ‘sectarian’ statements allegedly made by Edith Byanyima.

Through their lawyer Ojok and Company Advocates, the statements that the family wants investigated are those made by Edith Byanyima is an aunt of Mathew Kanyamunyu.

‘We act for and on behalf of the family of the late Akena with instructions to address you as here below. Our attention has been drawn to social media publication of ChimpReports attributed to Edith Byanyima, which you may be aware of, entitled ‘Byanyima; Acholi soldiers killed Kanyamunyu’s father; Acholi Policemen haunting Bahima’, reads a letter addressed to Kayihura.

Whereas the family maintains it’s not after curtailing Byanyima’s God-given right of freedom of speech and expression, ‘we support her in that regard. However, we vehemently object and oppose her abuse of that right which she expressed in an ignorant and sectarian manner against the people of Acholi. We are particularly appalled by her utterance’.

The particular statement the lawyers want investigated is; ‘what guarantee is there the buses will return to Acholi’.

‘We can only speculate about her intentions. We also respect her right to associate with whoever she pleases; we detest in the strongest term possible her utterance of association with those who lost their lives during the Amin era which she attributed to the Acholi soldiers. Criminal liability is personal and we would not wish the murder of Mr. Akena be generalised as she is doing’.

‘Our instructions are to request your office to direct the appropriate office to investigate such sectarian utterance and the perpetuators be dealt with as your office or the DPP may deem in,’ the lawyers state.