EXEMPT FROM TRUMP EXECUTIVE ORDER: Somali-born British multi Olympic medalist Sir Mo Farah

Sir Mo Farah, a multi Olympic Gold medalist is exempt from Donald Trump’s new travel ban, after fearing he wouldn’t be let back into the US where he now lives as he was born in Somalia.

A spokeswoman for Sir Mo said: “We understand from the statement released by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office that the executive order will not apply to Mo, and we are grateful to the FCO for urgently clarifying the situation.”

However, he still ‘fundamentally disagrees with this incredibly divisive and discriminatory policy’, his spokeswoman said.

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Although Sir Mo is a British citizen born in Somalia, he is currently training in Ethiopia, and had feared he would not be allowed to re-enter the United States and be reunited with his wife and four children.

Somalia is one of the seven countries from which nationals will no longer be allowed to travel to the US.

But the UK foreign office has now clarified that British citizens who were born in Libya, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Syria, Somalia or Sudan will not be subject to extra restrictions when travelling to America, unless they are coming from one of the countries in question.


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