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DP’s Mao woos back ‘defectors’

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As a shepherd I am looking for all the lost sheep and will bring them back home and our doors are open even to the prodigal sons,” DP President Norbert Mao has said.

A cross section of DP supporters who attended today’s function

Mr Mao’s remarks come in the wake of the resignation of the DP National Chairman Muhammad Baswale Kezaala, who was last week appointed Deputy Ambassador by President Yoweri Museveni. According to Mr Mao, the DP National Executive Committee (NEC) met Kezaala on January 28, and discussed the merits and demerits of his ambassadorial designate post, after which the latter told them that he would take up the appointment.

“We agreed that his move will most spark off dispute between Kezaala as an individual and the DP leadership; but we shall always remember him for his contributions to the party which promotes truth and justice,” Mr Mao said.

He added: “As NEC we agreed that he cannot be both a civil servant at the same time a chairperson of DP, but I am glad that he has already written his resignation letter.”

The DP boss, who was addressing a press conference today at the party headquarters, also noted that some supporters joined the DP based on opportunism.

“There could be a confidence crisis; some people joined DP with the intention of becoming MPs while others thought it would capture power but they have run short of patience as they have failed to realise all their initial aspirations,” he said, adding that: “To all those who left DP due to their defiant arrogance if the conditions in the world are hash, you are all welcome back home.”

Turning back to Kezaala, Mr Mao said the void left by his departure will be filled by the incoming acting National Chairman Dr Mayambala Kiwanuka.

“Museveni thinks that everybody has a price, but we want to prove him wrong because most people have a price but not everyone does,’’ Mao said chidingly of Kezaala.

Earlier, while appearing on a NBS TV talk show, DP acting Secretary General Dr Gerald Siranda echoed Mr Mao’s remarks and told his host that the party had over the years been hit by defections but that it had remained steadfast.

“This is not the first time such occurrence is recorded in the history of DP as we promote our truth and justice mandate, in the 80s most of our leaders left and joined UPC but DP persisted,” he said.

DP President Norbert Mao bows in prayer as the party remembered its fallen stalwarts.

Meanwhile, the DP has held a memorial service for its fallen supporters including among others the former Secretary General Mathias Nsubuga and its Vice President Mukasa Mbidde’s wife, Susan Namaganda, the immediate former Woman MP for Bukomansimbi.


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