PUNISHED! The seven police officers and crime preventer, Dan Tandeka, at the police court on charges of beating opposition sympathisers.

The police court has recommended varied sentences for seven police officers and a Crime Preventer who carried out different transgressions, including the indiscriminate beating of supporters of opposition kingpin Dr Kizza Besigye.

The court chaired by Senior Commissioner of Police (SCP) Denis Odongpiny has today recommended that Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Andrew Kaggwa be demoted by one rank to Superintendent of Police (SP), while his colleague SSP Samuel Bamuzibire will be severely reprimanded. It was also recommended that another officer, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Patrick Muhumuza, be demoted to Inspector of Police, a rung below his previous rank. The officers have been facing charges of irregular or discreditable conduct and unlawful or unnecessary conduct.

The other policemen, constables Willy Kalyango, Deneth Muhangi, Sula Kato and Moses Agaba alongside Crime Preventer Dan Tandeka, will also be reprimanded.

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The three senior officers, four police constables and Tandeka, who were charged with damaging the image of the police force, will also have a third of their salary deducted, and the latter has been ordered to dissociate from police for 20 years.

As a matter of procedure, the matter will now be forwarded to the police human rights and legal department for further action.

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