'CHEERLEADER'? Journalist Andrew Mwenda

Renowned city journalist-cum businessman Andrew Mwenda has been sued over anonymous online government critic, a one Tom Voltaire Okwalinga, also known as TVO.

Through Odokel Opolot & Co Advocates, cyber security expert Robert Shaka has dragged Mwenda to court accusing him of defamation.

“We act for and on behalf of our client Robert Shaka, on whose behest and stern instructions we address you as herein under; it is well within your knowledge that our client is a person of great repute as information security expert. It is also well within your knowledge that on 29th January, 2016 you purported to disclose the identity of a one Tom Voiltaire Okwalinga, TVO, an anonymous and or pseudonymous internet blogger who utilizes Facebook as a forum to criticize the Government of the Republic of Uganda,” reads part of the plaint sent to Mwenda.

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“That this was through your Facebook account where you alleged that it’s not rocket science to establish the persons behind TVO. That without any incline of truth or justification you maliciously, unlawfully and illegally mentioned our clients name to be among the persons behind TVO. In the said publication on your Facebook account you defamed our client and in particular you described him as a ‘radical extremist and demented psychopathic maniac’. The above description to the person of our client had the effect of causing public scandal, public odium, shame, contempt, hatred, mistrust and ridicule both locally and internationally.”

The plaint further states that Shaka wants Mwenda to immediately pull down the said post from his Facebook account. He also wants him to write a written apology in a newspaper ‘of wide circulation and finally pay our client Shs300million for the damages caused’.

“We also demand that you pay our legal fees of Shs5million so far. Failure to heed to the foregoing within 5 days shall leave us with no option but to commence a suit against you at your own cost, chagrin and perpetual regret.”

Reacting to the plaint, Mwenda says he just can’t wait to appear in court.

“By suing for defamation Shaka is admitting that to be known as TVO would cause ‘right thinking members of society’ to see him with contempt, ridicule and hatred. Only radical extremists supporting opposition presidential candidate for life, Besigye, cannot see TVO for the demented psychopathic maniac he is. I cannot wait for that day in court to cross examine this psychopath,” he responded Friday through Facebook.



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