CONTROVERSIAL: W (Left) Hakeem Ssempebwa aka Keem showing off his 'pregnancy' and (R) while at the police the 'breasts' and baby bump' disappeared!

It’s just a few days since the release of self-declared devil’s queen, one Keem Black, who has made himself a name online by not only claiming to be a lady, but also dressing like a woman.

Following his release, renowned city pastor, Franklin Mondo Mugisha of Empowerment Christian Centre Church International has offered to pray for Keem, real names Hakeem Ssempebwa.

“This guy needs help; his head needs prayer , I have seen many of his like he can be helped that’s not smile it’s DEMONIC…His understanding changed,” Mondo Mugisha wrote on social media, reacting to one of the videos posted by Keem.

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Keem claims to be pregnant and a bulge around his belly area could be seen through his clothes. Interestingly however, this all disappeared while Keem was at police.

In the photographs while at the police station, his ‘breasts’ and ‘baby bump’ all disappeared. Perhaps this is the reason why a one Nyombi got worried for pregnant women.

Margarittah Henry Nyombi: Pregnant women out there should be care full coz such fools are the ones who end up stealing babies in hospitals and in pples home especially new Borns Gen. Kaihura should help us here.

Keem, a ‘confessed sex worker’ was arrested at the weekend over insulting Farouk Ssempala, Zari’s ex-boyfriend.

“Unless I don’t put ma effort into something that I’ll let it pass. Let him/her serve as an example to those who abuse, bully, name tag others…. And hide behind social media. It’s cybercrime,” Ssempala warned Keem.

Keem was released on Monday on police bond.



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