Gen. Mugisha Muntu

Forum for Democratic Change party president, Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu has spoken out rubbishing those branding him as mole of President Museveni within the FDC.

Speaking passionately about the future of the party today, Gen. Muntu says his committal to the party is unquestionable. Gen. Muntu who expresses interest of competing for the party presidency later on this year also dispelled those who brand him as mole within the FDC saying those committed to the struggle will always be known by their fruits.

”Some propagandist from NRM and within FDC usually bring up the debate of me being a mole of NRM whenever we approach elections in our party. The bible says they will be known by their fruits’’ I have spent most of my time working for unity, transparency, democracy and honesty which all defeat the intentions of NRM. This is what I have spent most time working upon” Gen. Muntu said.

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Adding “political parties are the pillars of good governance, but if Gen. Museveni rapes the country like he promised to destroy all other parties by 2021, through creating instability in the party thus making them stay hopeless. I do not care about individuals who hobnobbed with Museveni, I only mind about the conflict they could cause to our stability”

Gen. Muntu at the leadership of Forum for Democratic Changes’ working committee has today converged at Tal Cottage hotel for a two day meeting that is aimed at reviewing the different strategies and assess their performance.

The party’s President Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu addressed the media just before joining his colleagues for the meeting and he made different pronouncements.

“FDC is a stable party though we always have different opinions, these contradictions happen in politics, we as FDC have the capability and internal mechanisms to solve them, our internal atmosphere is fully established through the cohesion”. Gen. Muntu said.

While commenting about FDC choice of sending two contenders for EALA, Gen. Muntu says “We sent both candidates because we never had prior communications about the regulations from the Speaker of Parliament, the two slots were initially for FDC and we have resolved that in case we are only accorded one position then we will send one representative but we have not been briefed about it and I do not see why people are still confused about that”

He said the FDC is building a strong foundation and they have confidence that the party which can stay progressive even after our generation.

“We had planned to win 2016 election which we won but out victory was stolen. Look at the way most NRM MPs are losing their seats due to failures of the Electoral Commission, there is corruption in most institutions which explains why they have all lost integrity”.




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