Mr.Rujugiro who the Kigali authorities want the Ugandan government to freeze his asserts.

The relationship between Rwanda and Uganda is likely to deteriorate after Kigali accusing Kampala of shielding wrong elements whom the Kigali regime classifies as ‘rebels’

The latest controversy involving the two countries is that Rwanda government is pushing Uganda government to freeze asserts and investment of Mr. Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa who the Kigali regime accuses of being a rebel collaborator.

The relationship between the two countries has just normalized after a decade of bitter affairs and this was after the two countries clashed in the Zaire (Democratic Republic of Congo) when their armies clashed leaving hundreds of soldiers dead on either side.

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According to highly placed sources within the security networks, Kigali alleges that businessman Rujugiro who has investments in Arua, West Nile is a threat to their security and therefore, want the investment in Uganda frozen.

Rujugiro intends to open a US $20M tobacco factory which he named Meridian Tobacco Company (MTC) factory next year in May.

Rujugiro also has investments in South Africa, Mozambique Malawi among other African nations.

Rujugiro’s former UTC building which the Kigali regime took over.

The Kigali authorities recently took over Rujugiro’s Union Trade Centre shopping mall in the heart of Kigali city. And the building is yet to be sold and the money will go to the national coffers.

However, last week, one of Kigali dallies ran a story that Uganda was recruiting rebels but sources within the Kigali establishment say, Rwanda is using the story to blackmail Uganda that the Kampala government is training rebels linked to former  Rwanda spy chief Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa.


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