FIRST FLIGHT: Kawempe North Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) councilor, Muhammad Ssegirinya
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This might sound like a joke to many but it is the truth – Kawempe North Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) councilor, Muhammad Ssegirinya is in The Netherlands!

“Bye bye comrades set off for Netherlands conference,” he notified his electorate, who just can’t stop having fun over his first trip outside the country and the first time he is using a plane.

Isaac Kayz Da Israelite: Usofia in Netherlands

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Fixon Rich Ssebatta: Am so happy for u bambi- u have a reason to smile

Bentu Husen: IDD Mubarak!

Simon Godslave: Kyekyo Lord councillor Ssegirinya safe journey to the Netherlands. …banageya nkona kasita oli mu bwengula (Don’t care about what they say. What matters is, you are in air!).

A page in Ssegirinya’s passport that he turned into a ‘Notebook’.

Prior to the trip, Ssegirinya had appeared on Top Radio Tuesday morning, where he said he had acquired a passport years back with the dream of flying at one time.

However, this dream began fading by the years. In fact, he claims he had turned his passport into a notebook where he saved notes and peoples’ phone numbers.

But it was not until yesterday that his long-time dream of flying was realized, compelling the maverick councilor to rush and get a new passport. But the whole process did not come easy; out of seventy applicants for visas to The Netherlands, only three including himself were successful.
Ssegirinya, a key opposition figure in Kawempe, is in Netherlands for the International Uganda Convention that is also being attended by former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate Kiiza Besigye.