Mr.Rujugiro who the Kigali authorities want the Ugandan government to freeze his asserts.


Rwanda is unhappy with the appointment of Colonel Abel Kandiho as Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces Chief of Military Intelligence, military sources have told EagleOnline..

According to the sources, in the late 1990s and early 2000s Col. Kandiho was deployed in Rwanda and also at Uganda-Rwanda border and reportedly gave Rwandan operatives on espionage hard time to enter Uganda.

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Even when Rwandan security operatives were colluding with individuals in Uganda Police to abduct Rwandan refugees and take them back to Rwanda, Col. Kandiho was against it, the sources said.

This angered Rwanda and his appointment as the new military boss has ruffled feathers in Kigali.

Meanwhile, Rwanda is also reportedly pushing Uganda to freeze the investment of Mr. Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa whom the Kigali regime accuses of being a rebel collaborator with those training anti-Kigali regime fighters.

Businessman Rujugiro has investment in Arua, West Nile region, but is alleged to be a threat to the security of Rwanda and therefore, the authorities there want his investment in Uganda frozen.

The relationship between the two countries has just normalized after a decade of bitter affairs and this was after the two countries clashed in the Zaire (Democratic Republic of Congo) leaving hundreds of soldiers dead on either side.

According to Rwandan refugees in Uganda, there are many refugees fleeing Rwanda to South Africa, Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia because of political persecution.

Meanwhile, last Saturday, Rwandan refugees in Southern Africa converged in South Africa to commemorate the death of Col. Patrick Karegyeya who was killed in South Africa three years ago. Also, exiled Rwandans in Australia and Europe also gathered in Brussels to commemorate the death of the Colonel, who was a former Director General of External Security in Rwanda.

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