Dr. Kizza Besigye (m) with FDC Deputy Secretary General Harold Kaija.

On several occasions former FDC presidential candidate, Kiiza Besigye had vowed never to turn up at Nakawa magistrate’s court but would surprisingly show up, prompting the State prosecutor Rachael Nabwire to ask for criminal summons against him..

But that was then. Today, Dr. Besigye, who is facing treason charges, was nowhere to be seen when court convened for a mention of his case.

The case against Dr. Besigye has been ongoing for the last eight months though he was yet to be committed to the High Court, an act he protested during his last appearance in court.

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At the time Dr. Besigye told the trial magistrate Noah Sajjabi that he was not returning to Nakawa magistrate’s court since it had no jurisdiction to hear his case.

But today Sajjabi summoned Dr. Besigye to appear before the court on March 27, without fail.

Dr. Besigye is currently in The Netherlands where he travelled last week for a convention.

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