ANNONTING: Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black being 'blessed' at Pastor Kayanja's church.

Among the people who claimed to have become ‘saved’ at the ongoing 77DOGs at Pastor Robert Kayanja’s church is socialite fading Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black.

This came as a surprise to many and some believe she did it just for money. So, on getting to church on Friday, this was among the things Bad Black reported to Kayanja.

“Pastor, people are taunting me, asking me to share with them some of the money I allegedly got from you. They hardly believe I converted on my own. They think I converted after being paid by you,” she claimed.

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In his response, Kayanja said he was not surprised by the word because he expected them. “When I saw Bad Black here I never believed it. I had heard stories about her splashing money everywhere she went. I just couldn’t believe she was the person who had come to give her life to Christ. But they will believe people can convert on their own. Bad Black has started to bring even her colleagues to give their lives to Christ,” Kayanja who has of recent taken to donating to socialites who flock his church, said.

Kayanja, who recently gifted singer Cute Kaye with a Toyota Prado, added that he was to send Bad Black money today so she could give to all those that were asking for money from her.

“They think you became a born-again for money, you’ll get the money. No one becomes a born again and remains poor. No. Look at me, am I poor? No. I am not poor….. ” he boasted, adding: “I ask you Lord to send the angels to hurry up the miracles of these people…”

Meanwhile, Bad Black, who has pledged to serve “dear Lord” all her life, has prayed to the Holy Spirit to help her endure a ‘new celibate life’ “because sex steals anointing….”

She has also called on Spark Tv presenter, Zahara Toto, who was recently involved in a verbal exchange with Bigeye’s ex, Don Zella, to follow her to Kayanja’s church.

“God you fight ma battles now days sikyelega Ku Facebook because u gave me enough grace to endure every insult, fake stories, stupid comments Zahara Totto. It hurts showing our kids olaba dis week wateka ma son Ku TV with false information anyway nze ndi mulokole (I am born again) check your inbox and call mi; come we go to church owoone okuwemula mukwano (so you stop vulgarity).



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