FIRE! FDC Iron Lady Ingrid Turinawe while appearing on NBS TV show 'Morning Breeze' early today. Pic/NBS TV

Ugandan Members of Parliament can only be compared to gluttonous swine that gobble anything in their way, opposition strongwoman Ingrid Turinawe Kamateneti, has said.

And, appearing today on the NBSTV ‘Morning Breeze’ programme, Ms Turinawe lashed out at the legislators, most of who booed her yesterday during elections for the East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA).

“Yesterday, MPs had a chance of proving that they are not pigs but they didn’t,” she said early today, adding: “If you eat like a pig, walk like a pig, sit like a pig, then what are you?”

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Ms Turinawe said what happened in Parliament was dramatic, and a learning experience for her.

“Twenty five votes, basing on what happened yesterday is ten times more, so I got 250 votes,” she said, adding: “I was eager to see what would happen in Parliament; they even practiced songs; they entertained me.”

Over time the MPs have claimed that Ms Turinawe called them ‘Pigs’ but even then she managed to get 25 votes, most believed to have been cast by opposition members in Parliament.

Ms Turinawe, who ran as an Independent, was contesting against 47 other candidates, after her party, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) withdrew her candidature.

Interestingly, following her withdrawal by FDC, Ms Turinawe lashed out at her party President Major General John Gregory Mugisha Muntu, who had written to the Clerk to Parliament Jane Kibirige, withdrawing her party candidature. At the time, Ms Turinawe, who is the FDC Secretary for Mobilisation, said Gen. Muntu had ‘no authority’ to stop her from contesting for an EALA seat, a position that was buttressed by Kibirige’s response to Gen. Muntu’s letter.

Meanwhile, following yesterday’s elections, former Internal Affairs Minister Rose Akol of the NRM led the pack with 370 votes, followed by Mathias Kasamba (NRM) with 359 votes. Other NRM winners were Paul Musamali (NRM) 350; George Odong (NRM) 346; Mary Mugyenyi (NRM) 341 and Dennis Namara (NRM) with 329 votes.

Others are: Democratic Party Vice President Fred Mukasa Mbidde with 311 votes; Susan Nakawuki (Independent) with 298 votes and Chris Okumu Opoka with 274 votes.


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