STOP! Nigerian youth protest against Xenophobia in Lagos. Photo credit/thesheet.

Nigerian youths under the aegis of Advocates for Collective Transformation (ACT) have marched to the South African Embassy in Lagos to stage a protest against the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and other Africans.

Many Nigerians had been unhappy about the attacks on people from other countries in South Africa and had complained bitterly about it to the federal government.

In fact, some Nigerians are of the opinion that South African companies in the country must be abandoned until they (South Africans) can guarantee the safety of those living in the Southern region of Africa.

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The protesters, who were quite few in number, got to the South African High Commission house on Molade Okoya Thomas Street, Victoria Island, much later than the journalists who were waiting to catch a glimpse of the agitators, but were still early enough to articulate their demands.

According to Ayodele Samuel, the media coordinator of the group, they decided to stage the protest to pass a message to the Nigerian government to put an end to the citizens’ suffering in the former Apartheid region.

“We say it is barbaric and unacceptable, and we therefore ask the Nigerian government to declare a persona non grata to South Africans unless they can assure us of the safety of our people in their country,” he said.

Fehintoluwa Ajayi, the secretary general of the group also noted that the federal government has a huge role to play in ensuring the safety of the lives and properties of Nigerians living in South Africa.

According to him: “We are representing 80 million Nigerian youths home and abroad and are saying that if all our leaders and professionals are killed in diaspora, who will lead us?

“South African emissaries should be disallowed from entering the country until they can guarantee the safety of our people in their country.”

Samson Uwala who also spoke on behalf of the Nigerian students, agreed that it was a barbaric act to kill innocent citizens of Nigeria in South Africa.

After the peaceful protest in Lagos, nobody from the embassy came out to meet the protesters, rather, it was gathered that the staff of the high commission were asked to shut their gates properly and stay indoors.

Stern-looking police officers were stationed at the entrance of the embassy to protect the lives and properties inside the high commission in the event that any violence breaks out.

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