SCARY ARRIVAL: Dr. Stella Nyanzi arriving at CID headquarters in Kibuli early last month.

Controversial academic Stella Nyanzi has spoken out about her interrogation today, saying the police told her President Yoweri Museveni is the complainant in her case. Apparently, she says Mr. Museveni was offended by one of her posts.

“Offended? I laughed because the president has been offending very many us for a very long time. If a poor woman like me decides to speak out about what I spoke about, he shouldn’t take offence because he has been offending us. For how long shall we remain silent?”  the outspoken Makerere University academic told journalists after the interrogation.

Asked by the journalists whether she was seeking attention, Dr. Nyanzi said: “Attention from who? Seriously I am an aggrieved Ugandan because the people who are supposed to be leading my country are not leading us. We have a leadership deficit in this country. The media has been gagged out of fear. Parliament, silent. Judiciary, you saw what happened to the vote…you saw what happened in the judiciary. Attention for what? I have ample attention on Facebook.”

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“If I am using the only skill I have; my body and language…allow me to speak. Does attention bring back my dead parents? Does attention put medicine in hospitals? Does attention deal with the rot in UPE? Does attention Scr** the government the way I am Scr**ing it. He ordered for my arrest because I spoke in the language he understands?”

Dr. Nyanzi further vowed not stop with her criticism, saying shutting her up can only be achieved by killing her.


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