BRING BACK OUR MONEY: JDS spokesperson Siraje Nsambu Kifampa (middle with microphone) flanked by his colleagues

Muslims belonging to the Jamuiyyat Da’wa Assalafiyya (JDS) sect have threatened to go on rampage if police does not return Shs110 million in form of Zakat and other Muslim offerings, allegedly stolen in two separate raids on their mosques.

According to the JDS spokesperson Siraje Nsambu Kifampa, on December 27 policemen stole Shs60 million from their headquarters at the Nakasero Mosque, and then on December 31 the cops again stole Shs50 million from the Masjid Noor Mosque on William Street.

JDS Spokesperson Siraje Nsambu Kifampa and a colleague

“We shall not tolerate any further criminal activities by police of theft and vandalizing of our properties anymore; we shall fight back and defend ourselves against such terrorism and criminal acts,” Nsambu Kifampa said during a hastily-organised press conference after Juma prayers today.

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Nsambu Kifampa also demanded that the police repair all property damaged during the said raid in seven days.

The threats by the JDS followed recent attacks on mosques by police and other security operatives in search of evidence to pin some JDS clerics for the serial murders of their Muslim colleagues, prompting the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Kale Kayihura to send apologies through the speaker of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council when he paid a visit to the Gadhafi Mosque last year.

The raids also rubbed Minister without Portfolio Abdul Nadduli the wrong way, expressing displeasure at the way the police reacted to the whole problem.


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