FDC presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye with singer Adam Mulwana

Since the conclusion of last year’s general elections, less has been heard from Adam Mulwana, the musician behind ‘Toka Kwa Bara Bara’, a song used by former FDC presidential candidate Kizza Besigye as his campaign song.

Well, he has been preparing an album that is ready for launch this Friday and among the people drumming up support for Mulwana is Besigye.

The former presidential candidate has returned the favour by calling on his supporters to attend the show.

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“Today (yesterday), I met Mr. Adam Mulwana at my offices on Katonga Road. He officially invited me to attend the Toka Kwa Bara Bara Live Concert at Theatre Labonita on Frid 17th, March,2017.I have assured him that I will attend the concert, together with other Ugandans that recognise and appreciate his enormous talent,” he writes in his post on social media.

“Mulwana is a highly talented artiste that has committed almost the last decade to composing liberation and freedom songs. Mulwana’s most remarkable composition Toka Kwa Bara Bara was my campaign theme song: It inspired and entertained millions, and probably, the only song that unites Ugandans to fight oppression and bad governance,” he remarked.

“Let us also get together for him. I urge you to come on Friday to Theatre Labonita and we support our comrade Adam Mulwana.”



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