Ugandans should determine the future of their country by identifying a successor to President Yoweri Museveni who is serving his last constitutional term, veteran politician Professor George Kanyeihamba has advised.

Prof. Kanyeihamba who was appearing on NBT TV programme ‘Morning Breeze’ noted that Mr. Museveni would have attained the maximum age limit cap of 75 years by the time of the next election cycle in 2021.

‘By the time President Museveni finishes this term, he will be 75 years. Therefore succession talks are necessary,’ Prof. Kanyeihamba was quoted as saying, adding: ‘It is on record that President Museveni said that he will not rule after the age of 75. We should look at who will succeed him’.

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He also cautioned Parliament against butressing Mr Museveni’s trying to cling onto power past the scheduled time, saying Ugandans will then determine the next course of action.

If parliament fails to stop Museveni from taking another term, we are over thirty (30) million Ugandans who can demand change,’ he said, adding that the youths should take over the mantle of leadership in order for the country to develop.

‘In my opinion, youths are the people that should be taking the reins of power because we need to move forward,’ he said, adding that he regrets not having concretised the ring-fence on term limits while working on the 1995 Constitution.

‘I don’t regret anything we put in Constitution, except one thing; we didn’t embargo lifting of term limits,’ Kanyeihamba, a celebrated Professor of Constitutional Law, said.

The professor’s remarks come in the wake of a senior National Resistance Movement (NRM) cadre, Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Major General Kahinda Otafiire, recently cautioning Mr. Museveni against choosing a successor.

It should be recalled that President Museveni is serving his last constitutional term, making discussions on the issue of his successor by Ugandans, inevitable.

And while at it Prof. Kanyeihamba said that Mr. Museveni’s successor will most likely be from the NRM, given that the opposition parties are in disarray.

‘President Museveni’s successor will come from NRM because these other parties have wrangles over any small thing,’ he said.


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