UPC (Akena faction) Spokesperson Michael Osinde Orach. Photo/chimpreports

The Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) has implored government to strengthen vocational education, saying the move will help scale down unemployment in the country.

Addressing a press conference at the party headquarters on Uganda House, UPC spokesperson Michael Osinde Orachi said the UPC wants the education system to be reviewed to ensure a firm relationship between education and employment.

According to Mr. Osinde, over 60,000 students graduate from all the institutions but only 10% get employed “because the party considers this situation as unhealthy for the economy and the country.”

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“Students should be advised to join these institutions to acquire skills and start up their own jobs and businesses rather than looking for them,” he said, adding: “But as we talk, the country is training job seekers rather than job creators.”

He observed that Uganda has been receiving many students from the neighboring countries due to the quality of education offered here.

Meanwhile, Mr. Osinde has lamented that many Ugandan parents are selling off their land to send children to school, in the process affecting agricultural production.

He also lauded government for establishing the Youth Lively Fund, adding however, that the recipients need to be guided on how to invest the money.


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