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President Yoweri Museveni came to power in 1986 after a five-year war fought mainly in what is today known as the Luwero Triangle.

Since that time he has been in power for 31 years, the longest-serving President of Uganda, and during that time he has had hundreds of Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Ministers of State.

It is instructive to note that despite not being official government positions, over the years two factors: religion and tribe have played a big role in determining how the ‘political cake’ in Uganda is distributed.

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As a result, in the first Museveni governments between 1986 and 2008, cumulatively there were 82 cabinet members, of whom 29 were from the Northern and Eastern regions of Uganda.

Today, in the second of seven-part series we bring you the men and women from the two regions who served as Ministers/Deputy Ministers/State Ministers over that period that spanned a cumulative total of 22 years.

Name                  Tribe      Region   Religion

Dr. Shem Masaba, Mugisu, Eastern, Catholic

Stanislaus .K. Okurut,  Iteso,  Eastern,  Protestant

Joseph Okune, Lango, Northern, Catholic

James Wapakabulo, Mugisu, Eastern, Protestant

Ben Okello Luwum, Acholi, Northern, Protestant

  1. Chango Macho W’Obanda, Musamia, Eastern, Protestant

Prof. Y. Kyesimira, Musoga, Eastern, Protestant

Ali Kirunda Kivejinja, Musoga, Eastern, Muslim

Moses Ali, Madi, Northern, Muslim

Anthony Butele, Lugbara, Northern, Catholic

Dr. Alex Ofumbi, Japadhola, Eastern, Catholic

Victoria Ssekitoleko, Musoga, Eastern, Protestant

Paul Etyang, Iteso, Eastern, Protestant

Dr. Eric Adriko, Lugbara, Northern, Protestant

Adoko Nekyon, Lango, Northern, Muslim

Cosmas Adyebo, Lango, Northern, Catholic

Dr. Speciosa Wandera Kazibwe, Musoga, Eastern, Catholic

Ateker Ejalu, Iteso, Eastern, Protestant

Francis Ayume, Kakwa, Northern, Protestant

Basoga Nsadhu, Musoga, Eastern, Protestant

Betty Okwir, Acholi, Northern, Catholic

Rebecca Kadaga Alitwala, Musoga, Eastern, Protestant

Zoe B. Bakoko, Lugbara, Northern, Catholic

Beatrice Wabudeya, Mugisu, Eastern, Catholic

Daudi Migereko, Musoga, Eastern, Protestant

Hilary Onek, Acholi, Northern, Catholic

Dr. Stephen Malinga, Iteso, Eastern, Protestant

Daniel Omara Atubo, Lango, Northern, Protestant

Dorothy Hyuha, Mugwere, Eastern, Protestant


The Deputy/State Ministers under Museveni between 1986 to 2008. During this time, out of the cumulative total of 128 Deputy/State Minister, 61 were from the East and Northern Regions.

Name                Tribe          Region     Religion

Balaki K. Kirya, Mugwere, Eastern, Protestant

Dr. Ronald Bata, Madi, Northern, Catholic

Mrs. Betty Bigombe, Acholi, Northern, Catholic

Dr. J. Batwala, Musoga, Eastern, Protestant

  1. Maumbe Mukwana (RIP), Mugisu, Eastern, Protestant

Robert Ekinu (RIP), Iteso, Eastern, Catholic

Agard Didi, Madi, Northern, Catholic

Henry Kyemba, Musoga, Eastern, Protestant

Dr. Francis Aporu Okol (RIP), Iteso, Eastern, Catholic

Dr. Oteng, Lango, Northern, Catholic

Charles Alai, Acholi, Northern, Catholic

Peter Akure, Lango, Northern, Protestant

Salim Bachou (RIP), Jonam, Northern, Muslim

Dr. Steven Chebrot, Sabiny, Eastern, Catholic

David Pulkol, Karamajong, Northern, Catholic

Prof. William Nadiope, Musoga, Eastern, Protestant

Ojok O’Bwangamoi, Acholi, Northern, Catholic

Peter Lokeris, Karamajong, Northern, Catholic

Gen. Abukar Jeje Odongo, Iteso, Eastern, Muslim

Owiny Dollo Chigamoy, Acholi, Northern, Catholic

Dr. Martin Aliker, Acholi, Northern, Protestant

Yafesi Otim Omara, Karamajong, Northern, Protestant

Thomas S. Kiryapawo, Mugwere, Eastern, Catholic

Col.  William Omaria, Iteso, Eastern, Protestant

Jovina A. Akaki, Lango, Northern, Catholic

Andrualele Awuzu, Lugbara, Northern, Catholic

Jane Francis Kuka, Sabiny, Eastern, Catholic

Mavenjina Akumu, Alur, Northern, Catholic

Sylvester W. Wasieba, Mugisu, Easter, Catholic

Omwony Ojok, Karamajong, Northern, Catholic

Manzi Tumubweine, Mukiga, Western, Protestant

Gabriel Opio, Musamia, Eastern, Protestant

Alfred O. Ogaba, Acholi, Northern, Catholic

Fred Mukisa, Musamia, Eastern, Catholic

Betty Okullu Akech, Acholi, Northern, Catholic Grace Akello, Iteso, Eastern, Catholic

Michael W. Kafabusa, Mugisu, Eastern, Catholic

Max Omeda, Iteso, Eastern, Catholic

Felix Okot Ogong, Lango, Northern, Catholic

Christine A. Aporu, Iteso, Eastern, Catholic

Isaac Musumba, Musoga, Eastern, Muslim

Henry Oryem Okello, Acholi, Northern, Protestant

Mike Mukula, Iteso, Eastern, Protestant

Henry Obbo, Japadhola    Eastern    Catholic

Okumu Ringa Aloysius, Alur, Northern, Catholic

Jennifer Namuyangu, Mugwere, Eastern, Protestant

Beatrice Z. Magoola, Musoga, Eastern, Protestant

Simon Mayende, Samia, Eastern, Protestant

Igeme Nabeta, Musoga, Eastern, Protestant

James Baba, Kakwa, Northern, Catholic

Musa Ecweru, Iteso, Eastern, Protestant

David Wakikona, Mugisu, Eastern, Catholic

Fred Omach, Alur, Northern, Catholic

Rukiya Chekamondo Kulany, Sabiny, Eastern, Muslim

Emmanuel O. Otaala, Japadhola, Eastern, Catholic

Nelson Gagawala Wambuzi, Musoga, Eastern, Protestant

Jessica Eriyo, Madi, Northern, Catholic

Rukia Isanga, Musoga, Eastern, Muslim

Simon D’Ujanga, Alur, Northern, Protestant

Simon Ejua, Lugbara, Northern, Protestant