Exiled Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) renegade Col. Samson Mande’s whereabouts are unknown according to his family, relatives and close friends.

Col. Mande was said to be the commander of People’s Redemption Army (PRA), a shadowy rebel outfit which was allegedly based in the northern part of the border between Uganda and Democratic Republic Congo.

Friends say Mande was last seen in South Africa, while other reports indicate Mande was captured in the neighbouring Tanzania, were Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) commander, Jamil Mukulu was also arrested and handed over to Ugandan security.

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Contacted, top security bosses declined to comment on the matter. Col: Mande and with others like a one Robert Kityo Sengooba, were accused of forming a rebel group, the PRADF.

The duo were jailed following the Military Intelligence ‘tip off’ and police Intelligence Unit carried out an operation.

Col. Mande subsequently deserted the UPDF and to Sweden were he declared  war on current regime.



The two, Mande and Sengooba, who is also in Europe, have been appearing in different media outlets, saying that they will return to the country anytime.

Sengooba is a son to the ex-Ugandan envoy at Ugandan mission in Tokyo/Japan and Rome, late John B Kityo  who, it is believed, wasn’t okay about the power sharing deal which they agreed upon in late 1990’s in Stockholm Sweden, that is why Sengooba is reported to be against the Uganda government.

EagleOnline has learnt that Mr Sengooba is in hands of Swiss authorities, where it is believed he secured his political asylum. It should be remembered that Sengooba, while appearing on a political talk show on Radio Equator, was quoted to have called for President, Museven’s overthrow.

Several PRADF alleged agents were subsequently arrested in various parts of the country.

Later on investigations were geared up which resulted into arrest of Sengooba, Kabili, Mugerwa, Capt. Benson Nuwamanya and Col. Edison Muzoora.


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