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Luxurious Speke Apartments to boost Uganda’s tourism

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Located in the heart of Kampala, Speke Apartments are the latest addition to the growing hotel and accommodation facilities in Uganda.

The apartments that are located hardly two kilometers from the city centre offer leisure facilities for travelers and holiday makers, because of the serene environs that remind one of ‘a home away from home’.


“While the hotel and tourism industry has been growing exponentially, Speke Apartments are unique because of the facilities offered,” Mr Shrestha Nimes, the manager of the facility, said while taking us on a guided tour of the facility.


The unique facilities, he said, include: a state of the art techno gym that boasts of internet with screens that enable one to watch news on TV, read news from any website or even watch a movie. There is also a spa and two swimming pools, one for adults and the other for children, Mr. Nimes added.


“One doesn’t have to travel to New York for such facilities because at Speak Apartments, we offer same services” he said.

He also said the entire facility boasts of high speed internet, 24-hour daily housekeeping; 128 security cameras to specifically to monitor people right from the gate, reception area, corridors to the apartments.


Further, Mr Nimes says the Speke Apartments are built on British standards and boast of a provision for USB sockets and that once a guest has a USB cable, there is no need for an extension to tap power. He also says the facility caters for people with special needs.


“At Speke Apartments, we have standup showers, bathtub showers as well as sit down showers because some people who tend to take much time showering prefer sitting. But this also helps persons with specials needs who may not stand,” Mr Nimes said.


According to the Manager, the facility also boasts of one bedroom apartments, two bedroom apartments and the pent houses (Presidential suites). In all suites at Speke Apartments, the floor is furnished with polished wooden tiles and for one to access any suite, he or she must have a swap card.



The single room or one bedroomed apartment goes for US $150 per day and US $ 2,100 a month and have a fully equipped sitting room with a 55 inch TV smart Samsung HD set with a five seat sofa, six chairs and a table. The singles also have an open kitchen with breakfast bar, while the bedrooms are fitted with 44 inch TV smart Samsung HD.


The double rooms  or two bed roomed apartments go for US $ 225 for a day and US $3, 800 a month, while the three bed-roomed villas go for US $300 a day and US $ 4,500 a month.

The double-room apartments have a seven-seat sofa with a six a seat dining table fixed near the kitchen, complete with accessories like a ‘child proof cooker’.

The sitting room for the double roomed apartments is bigger and better than most of the presidential suites in the existing five star hotels, Mr. Nimes says.

Penthouse/Presidential Suites


Going for US$350 a day and US$6, 000 a month, the Penthouses are the most luxurious, have more space and a good view of all the other suites. Located on 8th floor, the guests get treated to a view of scenic Kampala. The Penthouses also have bedrooms upstairs that are equipped with an office.


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