WANTS IGP SACKED: JEEMA spokesperson Abdunoor Ssentongo Kyamundu

The Justice Forum (JEEMA), a political party led by lawyer Asuman Basalirwa has asked President Yoweri Museveni to relieve the Inspector General of Police General Kale Kayihura of his job.

Addressing a press conference today JEEMA spokesperson Abdulnoor Ssentongo Kyamundu said Kayihura should be fired because he has failed to solve several mysterious killings and to produce reports detailing the murders carried out in different parts of the country.

“Whenever these gruesome murders occur, Kale Kayihura issues statements about who he thinks are the perpetrators of the murder without carrying out investigations; therefore I advise him to allow the CIID to investigate before making allegations,” Ssentongo said.

He also made reference to the IGP’s statement in which he said the police and other security agencies had been infiltrated by ‘mafias’, something that was echoed by President Museveni when he went to mourn the slain Assistant Inspector General of Police Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

AIGP Kaweesi, in the company of his bodyguard Kenneth Erau and drive Geoffrey Mambewa, was brought down in a hail of 30 bullets by unknown assailants reportedly travelling on two motorcycles, who ambushed him near his home in Kulambiro, on the outskirts of the city.

Previously, gun-wielding thugs travelling on motorcycles have killed 10 Muslim clerics in different parts of Uganda and a senior judicial official, Principal State Attorney Joan Kagezi.

“They have gone ahead to claim people’s lives therefore, a lot has to be done and failure to do so, the IGP should be sacked or both should resign,” Ssentongo said.

According to Ssentongo, JEEMA believes there is a serious moral problem in the security forces especially the police due to poor working conditions, low pay and nepotism in awarding promotions and in deployment to lucrative posts and assignments.

‘’It is time to frankly address this favoritism of a section of Ugandans over the others and agree on a power-sharing formula that will reflect the true character of Uganda’s composition,” Ssentongo added.