TURNED '77DOGS INTO WEDDING MEETINGS: Comedian John Mbuuse aka Kapere (Left).

Amarula Family comedian, John Mbuuse aka Kapere who recently became saved at Pastor Kayanja’s church, was finally back.

But unlike the previous times, he wasn’t back for prayers but rather with a message to church goers. And, guess what it is!

Lining up among those to testify about the miracles bestowed them from the 77 Days Of Grace (77DOGS), Kapere’s time finally came and when he was handed the microphone, he narrated how far Kayanja’s initiative had helped him.

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“Before I came to 77 Dogs, I used to dress in rags but look at how I am dressed – I dress like a gentleman. I want to thank my friend Eddie Kigere who gave me a call asking me to come here,” he testified.

“Good things have been happening to me ever since I came here (77 Dogs). I am even set to wed my girlfriend soon. I have already sent her to inform her parents about the wedding so as to allow them time to prepare,” he informed the congregation.

However, he surprised many when he turned the church into a wedding meeting and started soliciting for money for his wedding.

“Like I have informed you, my wedding will be in a few months’ time. I am requesting for your contributions….. Those willing to contribute, you can bring your contributions there (points to a corner in church) and we will write down your name. I want to thank my girlfriend who accepted to marry me. Whereas my appearance might be quite different from you, I am also like you. I was also created in God’s image. Thank you. Thank you,” Kapere wrote.