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Bobi Wine finds solace in fans as Buganda Kingdom destroys his beach

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Preparations for Kabaka’s 62 Birthday celebrations kicked off yesterday with the Kabaka Birthday run.

But whereas birthday bashes are known as times for celebrations and merry making, this year’s celebrations have found one of the Kabaka’s subjects a disappointed man.

Bobi Wine real names Robert Ssentamu aka Omubanda W’aKabaka, got a big blow last week when Buganda Land Board, the Kingdom’s institution in charge of land, destroyed the parking lot of his One Love Beach, Busabala – Kampala.

But a seemingly crestfallen Bobi Wine couldn’t stand it anymore; he took to social media to pour out all that was troubling his heart, attracting thousands of comments from fans sympathizing with him.

MATOOKE REPUBLIC? Comical Kawempe councillor Muhammad Ssegirinya with the bunch of matooke he delivered at Bobi Wine’s home

Also, comical Kawempe councillor Muhammad Ssegirinya joined the distressed fans, taking a bunch of matooke to Bobi Wine’s Magere home as consolation.

Sunain Pretty Bambi Bobi your such a sweet soul never and never look at something that is running you down. We have followed this story. You are too right to cry. You are one person who works hard for the happiness of everyone not only your family.. This was too touching the way you talked made some of us drop tears..hummmmm Those people are so disappointing one problem with Buganda it has a fake carbonate most people are hypocrites am a Muganda yes but this made me feel so bad…so sorry to you Bobi wine clan-mate..

Rashida Tyaba Bobi you inspire me. I like the fact that the picture you portray is of a high calibre. Many people think that by uttering much you gain but I know that you have seen many people in Uganda losing their sweat in a minute. You have struggled as a young man and loved your kingdom to the most however you have reaped nothing. Well many think you gonna become broke but that’s not the case. I know that with this set back you will earn more. My heart is weeping when I see people trying to develop the kingdom being sabotaged.

Debbie Namatovu Shame on you Buganda….Thought you were happy about progress but just looks like you just envy the developments of your own blood. How can you betray your own son, next your gonna sell the same land to a westerner, isn’t this the true definition of treason? You are traitors. Why would you even wait 10 years after our president has developed our beach for you to bring your noses? Greed is starting to eat up the kingdom. And if You ain’t careful, you will betray your own Kabaka and swing him off power. We are disappointed.

According to Bobi Wine, part of his One Love Beach was destroyed by officials from the Mengo Royal Treasury (Nkuluze).

“I had decided to keep quiet about this. However, I saw an official from the same office on TV completely disregarding my legality of being there. Apart from the main venue of One Love beach by the lakeside that we had acquired and developed into a beach for more than a decade now; in 2010, I bought another piece of land from the same office which I paid for FULLY and developed into a modern parking lot that we have been using since then. It should be noted that at the time of its purchase, that land was heavily occupied by Bibanja owners who I also paid/compensated FULLY and they vacated happily.
“The demolitions and evictions that have been going on in Busabala were all tagged on my name yet they were being carried out by Mengo itself but they never came out to tell the public the truth, thereby leaving me to face the hate of the people. I said nothing about the issue but I guess people should now know the truth. The injustice that has been done to me is the least that I would expect from the kingdom that I LOVE SO MUCH. I have invested all my youthful energy, earnings and time in this place that I had become so attached to. It is such a tough time for me and my family but like it has been said; “What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger”.

Meanwhile, Ugandan musicians based in the diaspora have spoken out of the destruction of Bobi Wine’s beach.

One such musician is Australia based artist SK Simeon real names Sam Kawuma who is popularly known for his hits ‘Doper than Dope’ and ‘Round of Applause’.

“I personally congratulated Bobi Wine when we met at his One Love beach for the success of this business knowing that he has worked hard to get it where it is and now I hear its being destroyed, that leaves young entrepreneurs who wants to run business of their own no hope at all. Matter of fact, I have a lot of business ideas for Uganda but when I see this kinda nonsense phew unbelievable,” he said.




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