COUPLE: Singer Rena Nalumansi, Hanson Baliruno and Rena's six-year old daughter on an outing

The fiancé of singer Rena Nalumansi has been smoked out and can anyone guess who it is. Well, according to a source, it’s not NBS TV presenter Justin Bas but a one Sweden-based ‘Nkuba Kyeyo’ identified as Hanson Baliruno.

Baliruno and his entourage

Both Baliruno and Rema are said to have been dating for close to 10 years before the former left for Sweden, but on Baliruno’s return to the country recently, he was smoked out on an outing with his fiance and her six-year old daughter.

Intriguingly, for a very long time the former Dream Girls singer and dancer has been linked to NBS TV presenter, Justin Bas, and the rumour reached its peak last year when photos of the two adorning wedding attire went public.

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Indeed, many concluded the two had been united at a secret wedding, but it turned out that the photos had been taken during the shooting of Rena’s music video, ‘Kasoto’.

Despite the continued speculation, both refused to comment on issue even in instances where both were hosted on TV together.

Hopefully Rena and Baliruno will be legalizing their relationship soon.



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