Bad Black’s former boyfriend, David Greenhalgh with his baby mama Parks Dee Laker and their new-born daughter
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Bad Black’s former boyfriend, David Greenhalgh, a 60 year-old British businessman finally has something positive to remember about Uganda.

This is after he welcomed his bundle of joy with his Ugandan girlfriend, Parks Dee Laker. The couple welcomed their first child, a baby girl last week. And unlike Greenhalgh’s daughter with Bad Black who was ‘black’, Laker’s baby is as white as its father. Both the mother and baby are in good health.

For a while Greenhalgh has been cursing the day he set foot in Uganda, after he was defrauded of over Shs11billion by his first Ugandan girlfriend, city socialite, Bad Black real names Shanitah Namuyimbwa.

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In addition to defrauding him of all that money, it turned out that even Bad Black’s kid didn’t belong to him yet the city socialite had claimed he was responsible for her pregnancy. But on giving birth, the kid was completely dark skinned, compelling Black to come out and confess Greenhalgh wasn’t the father of the kid.

She recently went open, announcing city fashionista, Kim Swagga as the true father of the child.