TO FACE APPEAL: Andrew Kananura, alias, Desh, in the dock at Buganda Road Court. He is currently appearing before the High Court for murder.

The Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has appealed against the acquittal of Andrew ‘Desh’ Kananura and four others, and wants the Court to revisit the ruling.

Desh Kananura, his brother Raymond Kananura and employees Jacob Onyango, Cyrus Maganda and Samuel Mazelewo had been accused of murdering Badru Kateregga, a barman at the Naguru-based Panamera Bar owned by Desh Kananura but the five were two weeks ago acquitted by Hugh Court Judge Justice Joseph Murangira.

Records indicate that on September 30, 2012 Kateregga was beaten to death on claims that he was found with Shs30, 000, against the rules of the bar.

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