Members of the cast for the MTV Shugga Season 5

“When I found out that I had HIV/Aids, I told myself that this was not something I was going to hide. I came out on my HIV status. Many people abandoned me on coming out. Even the army left me. I was told that I was to die in 3 years but it’s now 31 years and I am still alive,” said Major Rubaramira Ruranga at the launch of aids awareness series, MTV Shuga Down South.

“I am now 69 years. If I was to die today, it would be old age but not Aids. When you realize that you have Aids, don’t fear to come out. Being happy to talk about HIV is a good thing. I’m happy that today HIV can be given nicknames like Shuga.”

MTV Shuga Season Five named MTV Shuga Down South premiered Thursday at Sky Lounge thanks to Reach A Hand, Uganda.

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The premiere was graced by the lead actor, Emmanuel Ikubese and Nigerian songbird, Chidinma of the Kedike fame.

Speaking at the premiere, Ikubese noted that he was proud to have been part of the drama series as it is positively impacting lives of the youth across the continent.

“We shot the 5th season in South Africa that is why it’s called; MTV Shuga: Down South,” he said.

He added that he was proud to be part of the series because it gave him the platform to individually pass on a message to young people.

“The TV show has been touching lives and a lot of young people have actually gotten the guts to get tested and even talk about their sexual health with family by just watching the show,” he added.

The premiere was summed up with performances from musicians Geosteady and Ceaserous.



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