IN FIST FIGHT: First Division deputy division commander, Col Joseph Balikkudembe

There was a scuffle in Kakiri, the headquarters of Uganda Peoples Defence Forces First Division, after the deputy division commander, Col Joseph Balikkudembe assaulted a fellow officer at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel during a meeting.

According to sources that attended the meeting, Col Balikudembe pounced on the battle-hardened Lt. Col. Robert Ruteinama, the commander of 301 brigade and punched him in the presence of junior officers.

Col. Balikudembe accused Lt. Col. Ruteinama of indiscipline after the latter attended the meeting adorned in civilian clothes.

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Col. Balikudembe accused Lt. Col. Rutainama, who is known in the UPDF as being among fearless and courageous officers who have spent their entire military career at the frontline.

After the scuffle, Col. Balikudembe ordered for disarmament of Lt. Col. Ruteinama and his bodyguards.

Subsequently, there was tension in the barracks because of fear that Lt. Col. Ruteinama might seek revenge.

By press time it was not possible to get comment from the army spokesperson Brig.Richard Karemire.



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