Speaker Rebecca Kadaga

With just hours left for Uganda Communications Commission to deactivate unregistered sim cards, Parliament has passed a motion ordering for the extension of the registration by not more than one year.

The motion was moved by the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Winnie Kiiza.

“Most of the people have mobile money contributions in their Mobile Money. What would be the fate of this deadline? We must remember that the registration for National ID was first intended for persons of voting age?” she asked.

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The motion was supported by her colleagues including Egunyu Nantume Janepher, the Woman MP for Buvuma.

“Considering that registration of people below 18 and above 5yrs is ongoing, i support extension but not for a year.Extension for a year is too long. This is why Uganda is weak in implementing laws.”

Commenting on the motion, Kadaga said, “The condition that would apply is that NIRA avails Ugandans with the information they captured. When these people were registering us, they found us in our villages. The machines are still available and can be used.

“Let us pass this motion, and let government come up with the date for ending it,” Rosemary Nankabirwa, the Govt Chief Whip, suggested.

Kizza suggested that the “Governmentt is not aware that people don’t have their ID cards. I would want NIRA to feature in the resolution.” She subsequently passed the resolution extending the registration exercise by not more than a year.