Rtrd Supreme Court Judge Prof George W. kanyeihamba arrives at the Court.

Retired justice of the Supreme Court George Kanyeihamba has bashed DFCU bank for lack of customer care.

Kanyeihamba took it on social media praising Crane bank which was taken over by DFU due financial constraints saying it would take time for any other bank to emulate Crane.

‘’On going to carry out my transaction as usual at Nsambya, I was surprised to find once located branch of Crane bank sealed and blocked off with iron sheets without any directions to where the bank migrated to’’.  Kanyeihamba said. He however called his former manager at Crane bank for directions.

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Adding “I was banking with Crane bank which even now it has gone down they had the most efficient customer care. I was advised by the senior manager of Crane bank that there is no problem and that I should continue with DFCU but when I went there, there, the premises were blocked off with iron sheets no entry and no sign post like Crane Bank”

Justice Kanyeihamba narrated how nasty DFU employee threw a cheque at him that he had presented to be helped claiming that there is no time to handle his problem and referred him to his former manager of Crane bank Nsambya branch.

Hardly a year after its takeover,Ugandans are feeling the impact left by Crane Bank.

“A young man came and I asked for assistance, but he said there is no manager but I asked again whether there was nobody to help, the boy said we don’t have time to handle customers like the way you are demanding. When I insisted, he just threw the cheque at me”

He in turn demanded for the transfer of his bank account to Stanbic bank.

Crane bank was a commercial bank in Uganda, licensed and supervised by the bank of Uganda, the central bank and national banking regulator.it was one of the banks that spearheaded other banks in the past 10 years.

In January 2017, DFCU took over the bank, which had been the statutory management of the Bank of Uganda because the bank’s liabilities exceeded its assets

Justice Kanyeihamba, lauded Crane bank saying it was the only bank with efficiency and bright system of treating and receiving customers.

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