DURING HAPPIER TIMES: Ivan Semwanga and Zari Hussein. The latter is under 'fire' from Ivan's relatives

Having undergone an operation on his head last week, the health status of the Chairman of Ugandans in South Africa Ivan Semwanga, is not showing signs of improvement, prompting his ex-live-in girlfriend Zari Hassan to intervene.

Sources say that despite earlier signs of recovering from the operation that left a huge scar on his skull, his health worsened Sunday, leaving many including Zari, the mother of his three children, worried.

The fear was exacerbated when images from Semwanga’s sickbed leaked to the public; in the photograph, Ivan, who appears to be in a coma, is seen with a huge cut on his head.

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His ex Zari, who is taking care of him says the photos are likely to have been taken by one of his visitors at hospital and she has since pleaded with the public to respect Ivan’s privacy and stop sharing the images.

Ivan was admitted to Steve Biko Hospital, South Africa two weeks ago after suffering from a stroke. He has remained in coma since and friends say he ‘badly’ needs prayers.