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Bugisu elders want Minister Mutuuzo sacked over ‘Imbalu comments’

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Over fifty Bugisu ‘elders’ from Uganda and Kenya have petitioned President Yoweri Museveni, asking him to redeploy the State Minister for Gender and Culture Peace Mutuuzo, who recently called for the scraping of male circumcision in the Elgon area that is commonly known as Imbalu.

The Umukuuka w’Inzu Ya’Bamasaaba Bob Mushikori

According to the 59 men and women who signed a petition titled: ‘In defence of Imbalu – Inzu Yamasaaba’ on May 21, the Minister has failed in her duties among which is the promotion of culture and cultural institutions.

‘The President deployed her at the particular docket to nurture and develop cultural formations (Institutions) but since she was sent to deliver an antelope and instead she is delivering a Rabbit (abusing owners of culture), she should be moved elsewhere by the President since she has passed a vote-of-no-confidence in herself,’ they wrote, arguing that an apology from the Minister now is, in their opinion, an option to be considered or not.

‘Ms Peace Mutuzo must be put to notice that Bamasaba spread over Ugandan across Mount Elgon to western Kenya whose representatives’ list of delegates we have been compiling and is here attached warn the Minister that no amount of personal apology now makes sense at the moment; she has invaded an arena where only Bamasaaba control the oxygen, a situation that would suffocate her into oblivion unless she is willing to undergo character transplant.

If the people of Toro do not call the Minister to discipline by humbly asking her to go to Mbale and address the above delegates from both Kenya and Uganda the youth shall be unleashed in the coming year to circumcise every Mutoro male working, living, studying and trading in Bugisu,’ they added.

The list of petitioners below: 


NO Names Delegate /Representative
1 Omar Njofu Kenya Chapter
2 Wetangula Dominic Kenya Chapter
3 Nabwala Florence Nambohe Kenya Chapter
4 Sellah K. Wanyonyi Kenya Chapter
5 Manyasi Situma George Kenya Chapter
6 Lukosi Kenya Chapter
7 Ndelema Mary Bubulo County – Women
8 Masolo Rebecca Bubulo County – Women
9 Mushikori Dinah Manjiya County – Women
10 Namukhono Penina Manjiya County – Women
11 Manana Jenifer Bulambuli County – Women
12 Nandala Constance Bulambuli County –  Youth
13 Nekesa Lorna Bungokho County – Women
14 Kakai Florence Zoe Bungokho County – Women
15 Wekalawo Michael Fumbula Bubulo County – Youth
16 Gutai Moses Budadiri County – Youth
17 Bukoma Joseph Manjiya County – Youth
18 Mabonga Godfrey Bungokho County – Youth
19 Meru Patrick Budadiri District Council
20 Wamburu Samuel Bulambuli District Council
21 Nasimolo Charles Manafwa District Council
22 Gidudu Ambrose Lumasaaba Language Academy
23 Mushikori Bob North America Masaba Cultural Ass.
24 Odedo Mary Mutonyi Promoter
25 Khulosya Kangala Tuumwa J. Promoter
26 Wangusa Timothy Promoter
27 Aryada Naome Namarome Promoter
28 Masaba Gina Culture Board
29 Nasolo Rose Culture Board
30 Musila John Culture Board
31 Watulatsu Samuel Culture Board
32 Wangwe Peter Culture Board
33 Kyanika Christopher Culture Board
34 Magomu Henry Chief Minister, Inzu
35 Magomu Mashate Peter Attorney General, Inzu
36 Namonyo Stephen Minister for Finance
37 Wamimbi Wilson Weasa Promoter, Umukuuka we Bamasaaba
38 Wotaluka Mainza Promoter, Speaker G. Assembly
39 Wandende Augustine Wabwaala clan, chair, C Council
40 Situma Damascus Munyanda Promoter & Mutilu Clan
41 Masagoyi Samuel Halasi Clan
42 Gimei Gershom Hugu Clan
43 Womakuyu Patrick Mazina Lagu Clan
44 Gatisa Thomas Luganya Clan
45 Wambazu Ambrose Masifwa Clan
46 Namukhongo Charles Kigai Clan
47 Bunoti Christopher Kobelo Clan
48 Kutosi Lutsekhe Clan
49 Tsemwiri Leubeni Mubutu Clan
50 Namaondo Peter Kalibo Promoter & Mushika clan
51 Tsawu David Mututa Clan
52 Wakama Stephen Wakoko clan
53 Wabalayi Mikaya Mukhonde clan
54 Palapande Enock Musoba Clan
55 Weasa Ludoviko Saano Clan
56 Shangi Kenneth Rev. Shiende Clan
57 Mwambu Paph Siu Clan
58 Masaaba Fred Wangokho Clan
59 Gudoi Esau Wafumbo Clan







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