DURING HAPPIER TIMES: Ivan Semwanga and Zari Hussein. The latter is under 'fire' from Ivan's relatives

It’s now three days since socialite Ivan Semwanga passed on but his death has elicited bad blood among the family members who claim that Zari Hassan, the mother of his three children, wants to ‘steal’ the deceased’s property.

According to Semwanga’s relatives, they want to secure the deceased’s property in his three kids’ names for them to be able to access it when they are of age.

The relatives say that Semwanga was under the care of his South African girlfriend before the arrival of Zari on the second day of the deceased’s hospitalization.

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“Zari will not inherit the property of Semwanga and go and enjoy with her new lover Diamond Platinumz,” one of them said, adding that they helped Semwanga raise the kids after the separation of their parents.

Some of the properties include the Brooklyn Colleges in South Africa and, according to Semwanga’s cousin King Lawrence, Zari ‘was just an employee’ of the colleges.

“Zari is just an employee of the Brooklyn Colleges; she left Diamond to come and secure inheritance of Semwanga’s property not for the sake of the kids but for person benefit, she was not legally married to Semwanga but married to a South African called Ttale, the name on her Facebook account,” he was quoted as saying.


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