IN TROUBLE? makerere University finalist Rebecca Naddamba has been ordered to defend self

The Makerere University administration has summoned a student whose semi-nude photographs shocked the country last week.

According to a letter written to Rebecca Naddamba, a Bachelor of Education finalist, has been summoned by the University’s Dean Of Students, Charles Kabagambe.

“It is alleged that the picture, which appeared last Friday/Saturday (26/27 May, 2017) in the social media, of a lady dressed in a red top and red long robe-like skirt but cut into many small strips that exposed part of her nakedness, was your picture. The background of that picture revealed that this act of exposing nakedness happened at the Finalist Education Dinner, which was a University function.

“If it is true that person was you, your action, as a student of this University, would have contravened University Regulation 8 (2) (a) which states that “every student shall respect him/herself and behave in a manner that will not bring his/her name and that of the University into disrepute’ and Regulation 8 (2) (d) which states that ‘every student shall dress in a neat and decent manner’.”

She was given up to Friday to defend herself ‘without fail, to guide the next cause of action’.

Naddamba shocked her colleagues last Friday when she turned up almost naked for the School of Education Finalists Dinner held at Fairway Hotel.

It even became worse when the photos made it to social media; immediately going viral and attracting widespread condemnation from the public.