BOU DRAGGED TO COURT: Uganda currency notes that were thrown into the grave of tycoon Ivan Sewmanga

Fallen socialite and chairman of the ‘Rich Gang’, Ivan Ssemwanga was laid to rest in his ancestral village, Kayunga.

But as promised by his family, his send-off was with pomp. His colleagues of the ‘Rich Gang’ poured champagne in his grave before throwing money. Famed for throwing around money, there is no doubt they too are feeling the current economic pinch as the money thrown into the grave was different from one they are known for.

Normally, they are known for throwing around huge notes like $100 notes and Shs50,000 notes but this time, it was Shs10k which dominated the money thrown in the grave. A Shs1,000 note was also among those thrown in the grave.

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Meanwhile, Ssemwanga is not the first public figure to get such a send off.

Celebrated Kadongokamu musician Paul Job Kafeero

Celebrated musician, Paulo Kafeero famed for both his songs and love for booze was also buried almost in a pool of booze.

His friends and relatives poured liters of different types of booze in the grave before burying him.

But the recent ‘strange’ burial that left tongues wagging was one of Charles Obong, who worked as a senior personnel officer in the ministry of Public Service from 2006 to 2016. He was buried with over Shs200million.

According to the wife who had already placed over Shs200million in the grave, the money was intended to ‘bribe’ God on Judgement Day so he could forgive Obong his earthly sins. That’s what he had included in his will.

Obong was buried in a metallic coffin estimated to have cost Shs20m.


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