Mr Osinde Orach, UPC Spokesperson

Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) spokesperson Michael Osinde Orach has advised all pilgrims to be more vigilant ahead of Martyr’s Day celebrations on June 3.

The Uganda Martyrs are a group of 22 Catholic and 23 Anglican converts to Christianity and over 100 Muslims in the historical Buganda kingdom, who were executed between January 31 1885 and January 27 1887.

They were killed on the orders of Mwanga II, the Kabaka (king) of Buganda at a time when there was a three way religious struggle for political influence.

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In a weekly press briefing at UPC headquarters on Uganda House, Osinde Orach said that the pilgrims who have trekked distances will be blessed for their sacrifices.

‘’The renewal of faith is crucial in our lives as we forgive one another in the commemoration of the Martyrs that sacrificed their lives for religion to flourish in Uganda’’. Mr. Osinde Orach said.

With few days to June, Martyrs shrines have turned into a hive of activity, where over   40,000 pilgrims from all corners of the world are expected. This year Hoima diocese will lead the Catholic Church celebrations while the Anglican celebrations will be led by the Namirembe Diocese.