Members of the Rich Gang, with the late Ivan Semwanga (middle) show off their dollars

With the death of their chairman Ivan Ssemwanga, many believe that marked the collapse of the showy socialites’ group, the ‘Rich Gang’.

But speaking out for the first time since Ssemwanga’s death, members of the group maintain it’s here to stay.

“Ivan Ssemwanga died of hypertension (locally known as pulesa). All rich people suffer from this ailment. But this is not the end of Rich Gang. It is here to stay for generations. One of the things loved most by our late colleague was popping Champagne and his favourite game was throwing money. In show of our love for him, we had to do what he liked most and that is popping Champagne and throwing money (into his grave),” a member said while appearing on BBS TV.

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And to those who are criticizing them for their actions, they had a response for them as well.

“To those slating us for doing what we love, saying it’s bad (to pour expensive Champagne and throw money in the grave) when some people are suffering and starving, we are not politicians. If the government is not capable of taking care of them, then they should blame their leaders not us….” he advised.

“Is there anyone helping us? Then you should be blaming your leaders. If their government is too poor to take care of them, then it should write to us as Rich Gang and we see how we can help it….”


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