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Revisiting common sense and logic in the Mukiibi case

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In death, Prof. Mukiibi has become a laughing stock for the alleged number of tens of children he sirred from the alleged hundreds of women and girls he slept with. While, I want to condemn the act of ‘taking advantage’ of young girls entrusted to him, I have certain questions that are disturbing my head.

The St. Lawrence schools and colleges empire has been around for 23 years and continued growing stronger year in year out, Why have we never heard of any sex scandals picking the attention of the media and public from those schools and colleges?

Why have the women and girls presented the children at Mukiibi’s death only? Are there no old boys and girls that studied from there and are in the media industry to have been offended by Mukiibi’s behaviour so as to revenge by exposing it?

Did Mukiibi only sleep with the girls of desperate mothers who could see his desire for their daughters as a God-sent opportunity? Is it possible that in the over 100 women he is alleged to have slept with, there were no cantankerous women to make some noise in the press or take him to Police?

Was Mukiibi a superman to satisfy the needs of over 100 women? These questions and more suggest the following possibilities


  1. The media is compromised and becoming increasingly useless in championing social causes


  1. The line dividing good and evil in Ugandan society is growing thinner and blurred and nearing disappearance


  1. The Intelligence organs are not paying sufficient attention to the education sector


  1. Ugandan mothers are either not engaging their daughters sufficiently or have raised daughters who can trade morals for money.


  1. Mukiibi was  a guru on public relations or very wealthy that he could suppress all potential ‘noise makers’.


  1. If indeed Mukiibi ‘owned’ these schools on behalf of some other people, could he have planned to use the women and children to wrestle some ownership and control from the ‘real’ owners?


  1. The staff members in all these schools over the years have no conscience to report evil that went on in broad day light.


  1. The Catholic Church where Mukiibi was reverred does not have sufficient intelligence at present to enable the Bishops speak to Mukiibi or pray for him amidst all these shocking acts


Instead of laughing at Mukiibi, we may have to laugh at our selves, our media, our intelligence organs, the teachers in those schools, the police. After the laughter, we need some soul searching.


I rest my case. May God judge the soul of Mukiibi f


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