CHUSS BOSS: Prof. Edward Kirumira

A group of about thirteen Makerere University staff of the Department of Development Studies, under the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHUSS) have accused their top colleague, Prof. Edward Kirumira, of per­­­­­­­­­sonalizing one of the university staff toilets.

“Today I was contacted by staff of Department of Development Studies; I just wanted to let you know that we academic staff of Development Studies feel so dehumanized and humiliated by the horrible work conditions we are subjected to,” one of the staff who preferred to remain anonymous, said.

“The VC visited our department purposely to see for himself the appalling work conditions we are subjected to. We have no office space and now geography denied us access to the toilet.

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The principal has a toilet to himself and 13 of us are forced to use students’ filthy toilets. Colleagues, when did we start becoming this needy, really to even to start belittling fellow senior servants?”

But speaking to Eagleonline, Prof Kirumira, in a rather calm voice refuted the allegations, saying that the college has 16 staff members, but hastened to question why only 13 are complaining.

“You should be aware that Makerere is currently in a search for a new Vice Chancellor. Some things are now being politicized but the toilet in question is designated for the principal of the department. It’s the same toilet used by all visitors of the department and the other staff members. I think Makerere shouldn’t be reduced to toilets,” he said.

Prof. Kirumira is one of the three candidates who have been shortlisted for the post of  Vice Chancellor of Makerere University.