Former NTV ‘Be My Date’ presenter and actress made 23 years yesterday. However, what was meant to be a day of celebration ended up in a fight.

The fight was sparked off by a birthday message to Fabiola.

“She’s Beautiful with huge brains, intelligent, a sweet soul and hardworking at that. Happy birthday darling Anita Fabiola,” one of her friends tweeted, causing a storm on twitter, especially from those who thought the description was the direct opposite of the former Miss St. Lawrence London College.

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“Those heavy lips, bad legs and fake everything, you beautiful now,” Urban TV’s ‘Scoop on Scoop’ presenter, Tina commented, formally beginning the fight.

“You wanted my attention now you got it boo. I will let you get famous for a few minutes before you go back to being a fat and ugly angry fool… A hungry man is an angry man. Clearly you are both. I could feed you but you don’t need any more food. You have more fat for both of us.”

This instead escalated the fight with Tina accusing Fabiola of being a whore, a business that has been her biggest earner.

Tina on her show


“But who does this bitch think she is? Undressing and sleeping with big shots to her top thinks she has made it in life! Fabiola wefugge. For the first time you have been in the spotlight for something other than sex and taking your clothes off! For that, respect,” she hit back.

Fabiola further provoked her, saying she had given her enough content for her show. “There you have content for your show. When you meet me, keep acting star struck like you always do. I will remember to tip you next time.”

Tina responded, “Am not looking at joining the whore industry! What tips would you possibly offer? You couldn’t pay your rent in Kiwatule remember? When you got exposed? Did you get your things back from the landlady? Keep running your mouth and I just might spill your clientele! Who will dump you for exposing them? How will you make the rent then?”

The fight was interrupted by a tweep who seemed to side with Tina, saying that she wasn’t surprised since Fabiola came from St. Lawrence, London College.

“Must be one of the victims! Only in this case she must have made the first move,” Tina emphasized.