Mr Emmy Allio

Former Deputy Director of External Security Organisaton Emmanuel Ewaku Allio has been appointed Director of Investment in Operation Wealth Creation in the office of the president.

Alio who left ESO over five years ago has been working under Gen. Salim Saleh in overseeing many investment projects under him including attracting investors from Arab countries.

Before being appointed ESO Deputy Director, Alio was working with the New Vision as a senior investigation reporter/editor and he widely covered both the Lord Resistance Army (LRA) rebels under Joseph Kony in Northern Uganda and in Congo under Kisangani one and two that saw forces of Uganda and Rwanda clashing. He also reportedly widely on the conflict in West Nile before pacification of the region.

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The two countries had entered Congo backing Laurent Kabila who had ousted Mobutu Sese Seko. It is belived that his in-depth and investigative stories were revealing and caught the attention of President Museveni on most occasions even before intelligence agencies could file reports. And like they say, from that time the rest is history as Alio was named Deputy DG-ESO.

He walked out of office over clashes and misunderstandings with the then security minister Amama Mbabazi,  the then coordinator of intelligence services Gen David Sejusa and the then Director General of External Security Organization Robert Masolo.

Since his walk out, the office Deputy Director General has remained vacant.  However, it is not known whether Allio handed over the DDGESO office before talking over the new portfolio