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Zari fights with fans over ‘widow’ tag

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Celebrated socialite Zari Hassan who lost the father of her sons two weeks back is now in a dilemma to explain her relationship status to fans.

Recent reports rated her as the as the only woman who is ‘a widow while married at the same time’. And her fans taunted her for a while till when she responded to them in a post in which she scoffed at those calling her a widow.

“Oh so am widow goals….. allow me to laugh. ,” she posted.

But this instead worsened the situation as many fans who commented insisted she is a widow.

Asio Mercy: Wekaza zari yes you are a widow u can’t take this away from you even if u take off all your cloths and move naked, even Diamond knows he is married to a widow.

Sarah Osinya: Yes you’re a widow my dear.. you performed all the burial rights as who if I may ask?!

Barbie Bernie Berrie: I’m sorry madam you are a “WIDOW” a situation that no one loves and a situation that cannot be denied…..you lost a man who you were “separated” but you were not “divorced” he died your husband….You don’t have to deny the father of your kids and your late husband just coz of Dee…..wake up and smell the coffee, I’m not a prophet of doom but this “young man” who you are denying other people for will one day deny you for other people…..nice evening.

Lin Lynda: I thought you’re legally married to Diamond… So you’re not a widow lady.

Tracy Beryl: Its only in uganda that a woman can be a widow and married at the same time.

Kads Bitee: To alarge extent your awidow…bcoz Ivan was yo official husband n that’s why you took care of him in the hospital! Then to less extent your not coze you av abonkmate @ diamond; en d laughing clearly indicated that Ivan is alive as pipo say.

Florence Njoroge: You are not widow because u go sleeping with that Toboy from Tanzania for more babies and fame; u left your good man; see your life now you stress ivan depression;that man was a real man.diamond was there to hurt ivan it’s ok.

James Oyugi: That lady is widow if you see all that she did during the burial its more than being a mother of the kids…She was here in Kayunga for over two weeks to perform the traditions as a widow..That Marriage with Diamond is PR.

However, some believe she is not a widow since she already has kids with another man.

Charity John: You separated many years back and Diamond took over the husband space,,people should live their lives,#Zari press on,,your luxury is what many envy,,so let the mongrels continue yapping.

ShiQouh Muthoni Mwangi: Are you a widow really? He was not your husband you were already separated.

Damaris Mongare: No matter what Zari you still remain my sweet woman I admire everything about you


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